Thursday, October 2, 2008

It is with my deepest admiration for you that I write this letter. My Love, 5:30 is not a good time to wake up in the morning. Mom and Dad are so very tired and when we hear your little squeals before the sun has risen it makes us hope we are dreaming. We love to feel your little body next to us in bed and feel your paci breath on our necks. However we could do without the swift kicks to the stomach and waking up because you are sitting on our heads. Especially when you have a morning toot on Daddy’s face like last week. Maybe you could hang out in your crib with your baby doll for a few hours. She seems like a laid back gal who probably wouldn’t mind a few kicks or toots. I know you are excited to start your day. There are many cabinets to rummage through and rolls of toilet paper to unravel, but let’s start at 7:00 instead. I love you to pieces, Momma

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Carmen said...

hilarious..sorry to brag, but ellie doesn't wake till 9:30am and eva wakes to feed at 7:40ish and then I put her right back down ...whether she likes it or not.. and then she's squealing around 8am.
I think I might cry..and then really drop a couple "f" bombs.. if my children woke that early.