Thursday, October 23, 2008

he said yes

In the midst of mini shoot day I had a regular shoot with the cutest family. Angela heard about me through a friend and so she and her hubby brought their boys down to the park for a shoot. Oh my goodness. Talk about cute kids.

As a photographer you just never know how kids are going to react to having their picture taken. But, never have I had such cooperative little kiddos. Dylan here answered all of my requests with one sweet little word.

"Dylan, can you go give your brother a kiss?"
"Dylan, can you go give your mom a hug?"
"Dylan, can you do a cartwheel and then dance a jig while smiling at me?"

And his little brother Drew was so smiley and fun the whole time.

Such a fun shoot. Thanks Angela! The rest will be ready for you soon!

I won't be posting tomorrow or this weekend because early in the morn Beth and I are leaving on a top secret mission of sorts. Well, not top secret but secret. Well not really secret, we just aren't ready to reveal the reason yet. But we have things to do and places to go and while I wanted it to be all planned out and organized its just not. So, all I know for sure is there will be James Taylor playing in the car, two tired mamas on a fun trip and chai tea lattes to kick off the day. Hope you have a good weekend!


Jodie Allen said...

so jealous you get a weekend away with a girl friend! have fun!

Dan and Jen said...

Hey there, I heard about you through Emily Armstrong. I just love your blog and all your amazing photos. Are you in St Louis? I am in Kansas City, but would love to have another shoot done someday.

Allison said...

A mystery get away? I'm on pins and needles!!!!!

Jennifer said...

ooh, i think i'm in the feels so cool!!! wish i could have had my mission with you, but you'll have fun together :)