Friday, October 3, 2008

Ahh. Monkey Pants took yesterdays letter to heart and slept until 7:00. Thank you my sweet. I am sitting here with my Chai tea, still in my slippers with my feet up. Shane's mom is going to start watching Marlie on Fridays so that I can have a whole day to do work and today is the first day. I think this is going to be life changing and might just keep me from staying up way too late every night working! So, I am going to work really hard this morning and cross a bunch of stuff off of my to do list that has been staring at me for some time now. And then this afternoon... shopping! I know, I know, what happened to a whole day of work? Well, my mom called and asked if I could go with her and she has a really good reason. You see, she is getting married in December and we are still looking for the perfect dress. Opportunities for Monkey free shopping to not happen very often so we are taking it! Plus, I am her matron of honor of sorts, and well I love her.

A few weekends ago I made mom and Frank come to my hood for some engagement photos.

I made them do some poses that they weren't so sure about. And I'm pretty sure Frank thought I was nuts for even wanting to take photos in an alley.

They just laughed at me and it made the shots even better.

Pretty cute eh? Frankly I like these people, they are Franktastic. I'm very Frankful for them. OK, I'm done.

Then we walked over to the park and I surprised them by having the whole family there for a big photo (My brother and his fiance, and Frank's kids and grandson). They have a cute new house and I thought that they would like a photo of all of us to hang up. Jodie met us there and got some great ones.

I never really thought that I would have stepbrothers and sisters at age 29, but here we are. Life always surprises you doesn't it?

Then of course I had her take a few of our little fam. Thanks Jodie!

Well, I better get my rear in gear. Have a good Friday and a great weekend!


myra said...

i am loving daddy duggs' open mouth smile! :D

Carmen said...

how exciting your mom is getting married and that you like the guy and all seems to be well there. monkey is sooooooooooooo cute

Ada Moore said...

your mom looks so happy!!! that is awesome!!!