Sunday, October 5, 2008

apple pickin

Yesterday we went to Eckert's apple and pumpkin farm. Last year Marlie was too little to appreciate everything so it was really fun to see her take it all in this year. I love this one of her checking out the squash.

They had Pony rides and she was so excited. When rode past the people watching at the fence she waved and said "Hiiiieeee!". She's so friendly these days.
Then we loaded up on the tractor to go apple picking. We went for the golden delicious, my favorite.

Monkey's first apple she picked...

and ate...

and shared with Daddy.

She was passed out on the way home.

I love you fall. Thanks for a great family day.

Anyone want to take me along on their Eckert's trip? It would be so fun to do a photo shoot there!


Sarah said...

What a beautiful wonderful day. I love Fall too!

Armstrong's said...

Sooo cute! Marlie is adorable. Looks like a great day :)

becky c said...

we did the apple thing too and loved it. at first i thought it was a rip to pay to get in but then it was a full day of family fun! defintley going next year. love the picture of marlie trying to get her tiny mouth around that big old apple, her brow is so furrowed!