Monday, October 20, 2008

Maggie, you're up!

This is my friend Maggie and her cute family on mini shoot day.

Maggie is my super business lady friend who gives me advice and like owns power suits and stuff. Seriously she's an incredible business woman. She owns her own promotions company, Laughlin Promotions So if you need great products and want to work with a great company then check it out.

Tonight is kind of heavenly. Shane doesn't have class tonight and I sent him to go grocery shopping with Monkey Pants while I get some work done. She is bathed and in jammies and when they get home its straight to bed. He also brought dinner home so I wouldn't have to cook. Have I mentioned I love him? This probably doesn't seem like any big deal to most people, but I am home by myself with Marlie every night of the week so an evening off is huge for me. And Shane loves getting to spend time with her doing normal stuff like grocery shopping. Our family schedule is unorthodox yes, but we are a team and we get stuff done. When Marlie was sick on Friday and I had committed to doing a mural, guess who took a sick day to stay home with his daughter.

I have so much editing to do this week that I am kind of sick to my stomach, but I will get it done! Yes I will. Maybe if I just keep repeating that then it will happen? Ok, back to work!

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Deb said...

My favorite part about reading your blog is that I can hear your voice through your writing... it is like getting to have a chat with my good friend Erin even when I am miles and miles away in Alabama. I love that. It is almost as good as a warm cup of chai tea latte in the mountains. Almost.