Tuesday, June 2, 2009

checking in with Monkey Pants

So, ever since Mista Nug's interview a few months back I have been trying to get an interview with Miss Monkey Pants. She is a very busy girl so it was no easy task. Finally today I caught her at a good moment and she agreed to answer some questions for us.

me: Miss Monkey Pants, it looks like you have a little time on your hands. Would you mind putting your milk down for a moment and answering some questions for us?

MP: O.K. mom, but make it quick. What's up?

me: Well, tell us what you have been up to lately. I hear that you are two years old now. That's big time.

MP: Ha Ha! Yep, I'm two. Its awesome.

me: You are talking a lot more these days. What are some of your favorite phrases?

MP: Ummm. I cob whichyoo (Can I come with you?) Eeees my tearn (Its my turn) and finally' I getcha boo boo (Look out I'm gonna get you).

me: What's up with all of the picky eating? What do you have against sandwiches, or vegetables, macaroni and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly?

MP: I don't know mom, its just gross.

me: Marlie, put your dress down please.

MP: Oh mom, I'm just showing you my belly button. Isn't it awesome? Remember when you found a cheerio perfectly stuck in there?

me: Yes, that was funny. Its a good place to hide things. Now focus. This is a tough one. How do you feel about potty training? You seem to avoid the topic every time I bring it up.

MP: Mom! I'm so embarrased. Lets talk about something else.

me: Marlie, come on, what's the story?

MP: You are pushing it mom. I just don't want to talk about it.

me: Don't you want to be a big girl and go on the potty?

MP: Alright thats it. I'm out. I have toys to throw.


Anonymous said...

Tell Miss Monkey Pants that I really want to pinch those cheeks! :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute. You are so creative. :)

Anonymous said...

So stinkin cute!
aunt erin

Nicole said...

She is such a little miss personality. What a cutie pie!

Maggie Laughlin Honerkamp said...

SOOO cute! You and Monkey are too cute for words!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness she is so freaking cute!!! Nice dialogue, too :)

Lisa Sweeney said...

that is hilarious! you-or should I say MOnkey Pants-are soo funny. Oh and by the way she is ADORABLE. Had so much fun with you on Saturday-thanks again!!!

Sara D. said...

My children would not survive without peanut butter and jelly and macaroni and cheese!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at that spunky girl, I wonder who she gets that from??? So cute!

Also, I am passing on a blog award to you, details here:

lauren said...

Monkey Pants has quite the little vocabulary! I love that she's found her voice & isn't afraid to use it! You're so talented! McKinley wanted me to tell you she had a great time with you, even if she couldn't stay asleep & almost fell off a chair..."Dad, she's teetering on the edge!" Can't wait to see the shots.