Tuesday, February 17, 2009

one on one with Mista Nug

Today I had Mista Nug in the afternoon while Marlie was napping. We don't normally get one on one time together so I took this opportunity to have a little Q&A with him to catch up.

He dressed up for our interview which I thought was very nice...

E: Hello Mista Nug. Its so nice to be able to catch up with you.
MN: Yeah, thanks for having me Miss Erin.
E: Are you nervous at all?
MN: Well, a little bit. Do you mind if I loosen my tie?
E: Of course not, go ahead.

E: So tell me what you have been up to lately.
MN: Well, I can say "Uh, OH" now, I love squealing just to hear the sound of my voice, and I am making some real progress with the sippy cup.

E: Wow that's great!
MN: Why,thank you.
E: Tell me about teething, how is that going?
MN: I don't want to talk about it. Its too painful.

E: Oh, I'm sorry I brought it up.
MN: That's OK don't worry about it.
E: Well, can you at least show us the teeth you have been working on?
MN: Sure, no problem!
E: Nice!
MN: Thanks!
E: Now, I know this is a little personal, but have you managed to keep your chunky physique over the last few months?
MN: Oh yeah. I mean just look at these legs.

MN: Check out this knee roll.

MN: Let me just go ahead and flex all my chunks for ya.

E: Wow, that is impressive.
MN: I try.
E: What do you think is your best feature?
MN: Well, I am especially fond of my feet. They are as wide as they are long and that is not something you see a lot.

E: But what about your big blue eyes?
MN: Well, they are nice too.

E: So what do you think your mom and dad are going to say about me giving you this impromptu interview?
MN: Oh miss Erin, you might be in trouble.


Kristal said...

Oh my goodness. Those rolls are to die for!!

emily said...

clever lil' interview! Matched the photos perfectly!

Maggie said...

That is too cute and just made my day! I bet his parents loved it!

Julie Elston said...

Thanks from Aunt Julie for the Mr. Nug interview! I just can't get enough of those rolls!

Armstrong's said...

seriously- where did you get that tie? soo adorable! i've never seen rolls quite like those :)!

erin wilkins said...

Honestly...I am quite jealous that you got one one one time with that little man. I just want to eat him up!

Beth said...

Who is that kid? He's adorable and sweet and a hunka chunka love...he must have really cute parents :)

Great interview...you are both hilarious! Although I'm a little disappointed that Mista Nug dodged a few of your questions. Typical of him.

The things that go on while I'm at Target and Radio Shack...

thanks again sweet friend

Nicole said...

hi-lar-i-ous. Are you working on that book yet??!!

PS, he is adorable.