Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pukey monkey

We are slowly making our way through Marlie's first stomach bug. The poor little thing was up all night throwing up and was just a lump on my lap all day. I must confess that it is kind of nice to have a snuggly baby again, to feel her cheek against mine, but I would trade that in a second for her to feel better.

That being said if you are waiting for an email or call back from me I'll get back to you soon but give me a couple of days.

p.s - Why don't they make a clear, flavored Pedialyte? Orange seemed to be the lesser of the evils but it is still doing a number on the carpet.


Jodie Allen said...

we always mix the clear one with a little apple juice and it doesn't stain as much on the way back up. and the popsicles are favs here when the kids are sick.

hope she's better soon!

Carey said...

Keep looking for the clear Pedialyte, I know we had some off brand that was clear :)

becky said...

walgreens had a clear pedialite that i just gave phoebe but she said it tasted like thick water so she didn't want much?? so we switched to orange..