Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A photo shoot with the Days

I just finished going through my photo shoot with the Day family and picking my favorites. Get ready for a ton of photos because I like a lot of them and I like this family a lot. The have three beautiful girls, Liddy, Emma, and Lucy.

They each have their own little personality. They are different from each other, but also alike and I have never seen three little sisters that love each other so much.

Liddy is the youngest. She is quite the little stinker can't you tell by that adorable smirk? She spent the week trying to teach Marlie duck duck goose. It didn't work. But boy did she try.

Lucy is just adorable. She is a little cowgirl with a big personality.

I've known Emma since she was born and I hadn't seen in her in a while. So I show up and she's all grown up looking like a beautiful pre-teen. Man I'm old.

And the whole fam. Look at those mountains. Why do I live in Missouri again?

Thanks for a great week guys. Love you

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Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love the old barn too.