Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Our trip started off with a bang when Shane jumped up out of bed exclaiming that we had slept through the alarm. We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off and somehow made it in the car with all of the luggage and Marlie. The next hour or so involved long lines and some tears from me and Marlie, and running to our gate and making it there just in time. Phew.

I didn't get any photos of Marlie on the plane because my camera was carefully stowed and it was enough just to keep her entertained. It was cute though, she did well. Wiggly like any toddler, but she did well. We had a layover in Dallas and the funniest part of the trip was when I was leading Marlie on to the second plane of the day she took one look around and said "Heck no I'm not sittin still for another plane ride" and took off out the door and up the ramp. Smart kid. I didn't want to get on that plane either. She got her vengeance though by stinking up the whole cabin with a massive poopy diaper. Oh yeah, she was the stinky kid.

Here she is thanking the Lord that we made it to Colorado...or just looking at some ducks flying by but whatever.

The Days are the kind of friends that you can go without seeing for a year and then just take up where you left off, which is exactly what we did. We hung out in our jammies, the girls loved on Marlie. Sarah and I got some time together sans kids (thanks Chad) and of course we fit in a photo shoot one day. I'll post those tomorrow. Here are my two favorite candid shots from the trip.

Lucy reading to Monkey..

All the girls walking together. This wasn't posed people, they are just that cute...

Today is an off day. I stayed up till all hours working (thats what happens when you leave town I guess) and Marlie woke up at all hours. That is not a good combo. So we are going with the flow,trying to get some errands done today. I am resisting the urge to crawl back in bed and dying for some sort of coffee beverage. Here we go!

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Jennifer said...

oversleeping is no fun, but since you ended up making it i can laugh as i parallel you and shane to the parents in home alone...cue the fast orchestra music :)

glad you had fun and can't wait to see more photos!