Monday, June 29, 2009

Feel it

Hello Monday. Its you again. This weekend threw me for a loop and tossed me around a bit. But somehow I came out on the other side just fine. Great in fact.

First off since I missed my Friday post here is a WW update. Last week I gained a pound. Boo. This week I stayed the same. I want to lose 20lbs by my 30th b-day and a two weeks ago that seemed really attainable. Now July 14th is creeping up on me and I’ll be honest…I’m scared. Hopefully it is going to be slightly cooler this week so getting out and working out won’t seem so ridiculous. I went run/walking this morning and it felt so nice outside. Sometimes I just need a little Black Eyed Peas to get me going. Today I listened to this song to kick things off..

The only problem is that I do feel it in my body ya'll..specifically in my right knee. The past few times I have gone my knee has been great but today its back to its old annoying habits. Dang. I kind of broke up with P90X last week after just being annoyed that I wasn’t finding an hour, or should I say taking an hour to work out every day. Now that my b-day is so very close and my knee hurts I am rethinking that decision. We’ll see. I have 2.8 lbs to loose in 16 days.

Shane had bar prep class Saturday and Sunday all day. That my friends is just wrong if you ask me. But they didn’t ask me so off he went and frankly it sucked. On Friday night I came down with some kind of nasty stomach funk that had me laid up and Marlie wondering what the heck was wrong with me.

I had a shoot Saturday morning and managed to make it through without tossing my cookies at the park so that was a plus. Saturday night I worked really hard and caught up on editing. Galleries coming soon clients!

Then after church yesterday my awesome mom came over and helped me clean this pit of a house. I should have taken a picture to prove to you the size of the dust bunnies. Huge. We have a green shag rug and it sheds like crazy. We may as well have a green shag dog. But, ahhh it is clean around here and it feels good. The floors are clean, the bathrooms are sparkly. Thanks mom!

Feels good to start a new week with a clean house. I have 4 shoots this week, a really cute two year old to entertain and possibly an attic to insulate. Oh boy. Here we go!

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Matt, Katie, and Sophia! said...

Go for it, girl! You can totally do it! Kick those 2.8 pounds in the you-know-what! I'm rooting for you!!! (P.S. It is OKAY if you don't loose them by the exact date of your birthday. You will make it there very soon, and it will still be a MAJOR accomplishment!!