Friday, June 5, 2009

If it weren't for the goat cheese...

...this day might have done me in. I am used to looking forward to Friday nights. After a long week of flying solo at night for the sometimes dreaded bed time routine, having Shane home for the night was pretty exciting. So, I'm afraid that it is the Friday nights that might do me in this summer. Shane has bar prep class every night including Friday night now and Saturday mornings. It really stinks.

But, the end is in sight. Just a few more months of this. Marlie is bathed and sleeping soundly in her crib. I finally got a shower in. The kitchen is clean. A yummy candle is lit and I am working a bit while watching a movie and eating a goat cheese pizza. I am slightly obsessed with goat cheese these days. Its warm and gooey and low in fat and I am in love.

*this is not my actual pizza. I just googled it.

I am a little behind on blogging sneak peeks from last weeks sessions. Tomorrow I have four more shoots so chances are I might not ever quite catch up on those. So, if you are waiting for a sneak peek and I don't end up blogging it, please forgive me. I love you dear clients. I'm just swamped right now.

Have a good weekend! Try some baked goat cheese. For real, its good.


Anonymous said...

Jim makes baked goat cheese to put on top of summer salads. Dip slices of goat cheese in a raw scrambled egg bath and cover with panko. Bake or broil until golden brown. It can't be beat. Honestly, it's one of the ten wonders of the world. It's good protein for a mixed green salad that contains cranberries and walnuts!

Hang in there. It will be worth it times a gazillion when Shane passes the Bar and is done with school. Linda

Julia said...

My favorite salad of all time has the aforementioned baked goat cheese on it... And if you like beets (heck, if you DON'T like beets!), give them a try with some crumbled goat cheese. Roast 'em in the oven, thinly slice, sprinkle with salt and pepper and crumble the cheese to your heart's content. Turned me into a beet believer, right there. :)

becky said...

that is so hard when friday comes and there is no relief in sight! hang in there. if you ever need to be busy come on in the k wood and hang with the canatsey girls

erin said...

Thanks for the recipes Linda and Julia! Both of those sound awesome.

And thanks for the support Becky! I might have to take you up on that one night.