Thursday, May 14, 2009

so much to little time

I have so much to blog about! I got back last night from the MJ2day photography workshop. My brain is full of great information and all kinds of things that I am eager to get going on. Its so full it even hurts a little. Or maybe thats just from the lack of sleep :)? I highly recommend this workshop to any budding or growing photographers out there. Melissa shared all of her great knowledge and experience with us. Priceless!

I also have a sneak peek to post from the wedding that Jen and I had just before we left. It was BEAUTIFUL. Everything about it was gorgeous. Beautiful couple in love, stone church, winery reception, green grapevine vineyard. I can't wait to show you!

But, you are going to have to wait just a bit. Things in the Duggin house are crazy busy right now. But busy with amazing life changing things, so I am OK with that! Tonight is Shane's law school graduation. We have friends and family in town to celebrate. So the next few days are about Shane and celebrating and not work because, well sometimes work has to be put on hold a bit.

I am also, of course, getting reacquainted with this monkey...

Oh I missed those cheeks!


Jeff Fox said...

Erin - I found your blog via somebody's (!) and it is so good to see you enjoying life as a MOM, WIFE and PHOTOGRAPHER. Wishing you the best --- and congrats to Shane from all of us.


Leslie Fox

Anonymous said...

I love photography classes. I really need to take more! And monkey girl looks adorable. I'm sure she is glad her mama is back home.