Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kristal + Chad

Last weekend I had a shoot with Kristal and Chad. I "met" Kristal because she left some comments on my blog for a while and then I saw that she had a blog and friends. But we met in person for the first time for their photo shoot.

Kristal recommended a couple to me who were looking for a wedding photographer. Since that couple ended up choosing me to shoot their wedding, Kristal scored herself a free photo shoot. That offer still stands people! Hook me up with a wedding and I'll hook you up with a shoot.

They brought their doggies and came down to Lafayette Square for the shoot. We don't have dogs and not very many clients bring their dogs to shoots so this whole dog photography thing was pretty new to me. It was pretty challenging I must say, but very worth it because these two LOVE their dogs and I like my photography to show exactly who my clients are.



I love Kristal's freckles. So cute.



This is my favorite! Thanks Butch and Alvin for looking at me for this shot.


I love this one because it tells a lot about our shoot. Me trying to hold on to the dogs and hold my camera still :).


Also, note to self: Do not wear a flowy short skirt when it is super windy outside. Especially when you are trying to hold two leashes and take photos. I think I may have flashed Kristal and Chad more than once. Sorry folks!

It was great to meet you in person Kristal and Chad. You too Butch and Alvin.


Anonymous said...

way cute of those two! aren't dogs funny to photograph?

Anonymous said...

OMG. That last one of Alvin in the way is too funny.

Love the alleyway shot! Butch and Alvin look so statuesque!

And I like my freckles too. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Erin. I love the story they tell. Linda