Friday, May 1, 2009

a short one

A short but sweet post because I gotta get some work done!

1) WW weigh in day again. I lost 0.4 this week. Slowly, slowly.

a. sometimes I get really frustrated that it goes so slow.

b. sometimes I am fine with that and proud of myself.

2) I started P90X on Tuesday. So far so good.

a. I like that I can do it whenever I have time during the day.

b. It is a really hard/good workout but it does not hurt my bum knee at all.

c. The yoga DVD is pretty darn hard and boring and long.

e. It is slightly cheesy as are most workout videos.

d. Shouldn't I have lost more that 0.4 lbs this week since I hurt in muscles I didn't even know I had?!

3) This is the sweet part. Have you tried Smartfood?

a. It is stinkin good

b. The honey multigrain flavor is only 1 weight watchers point for the whole bag.

c. I could eat it all day long.

Have a good weekend!

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