Thursday, May 21, 2009

little Sienna

Sienna was about two weeks old when she and her parents came over to the studio on Tuesday. I had a few new props that I couldn't wait to use with her. She is perfectly round and tiny and sweet.

And she was very sleepy for us which was great. Even if it was because she kept her mom and dad up all night the night before :).

Sienna's dad used to play basketball for the University of Illinois. So he brought his blanket for some photos. I love this one..

Something tells me that she might be a daddy's girl :).


Emily S. said...

Erin, I TOTALLY have that hat! Just got it for my June session! Same colors and EVERYTHING.

Small world....

Cute baby!! :)

erin said...

That is so crazy Emily! If I was rich I would by 100 hats from etsy. Love this little elf one!

Amy R said...

Ugh - it kills me that I can't see these pictures at work! I can't wait to see little Sienna - I still haven't gotten to see her in person yet!