Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey Jude

Couldn't resist that post title:)

Last weekend I met Jude and his parents for a shoot. This little guy had me at hello.

That little face.


Those big brown eyes.


Oh man is he cute.

Combine that with the fact that he said these things to me during our shoot...

" It's nice to meet you sir."

"Hey, how bout you come over to my house some time?"

and my favorite...

"Um.. we um... eye brows."

and that makes him one of my favorite kids to work with thus far.


Pretty soon little Jude is going to be a big brother. We combined his three year old photos with a little maternity shoot for mom.




Oh Jude. You are so dang cute.


1 comment:

becky c said...

great great pics erin. they are such a cute family. how about amy? i only looked like that pregnant when i was like 5 1/2 months. you'd never know she was due in days! and that bushy eyebrows? so funny. i'd love to know what he was thinking there.