Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It was a good year

Wow, the end of a year. Lots of great things happened this year for me, for us. Shane got closer to being done with law school, Monkey Pants grew like a weed and did a million new things, I launched my new website and started this here blog, we sold our old house and bought a new one, I got the natural light studio I dreamed of and watched my little business grow. This was hard to do, but I picked my top 10 favorite shots from the year and here they are..

Lots of kiddos in there. I like kiddos.

I wish I could say that tonight I am putting on my fanciest dress and going to a gala to ring in the new year, but that would be a lie. I just wanted to use the world gala. We are staying home tonight and resting and ordering dinner out (O.K. Shane?) because…

A. I am losing my voice and sound like Marge Simpson.

B. Monkey Pants is on her 4th cold this season.

C. We have fun things to do this weekend that we can’t be sick for!

D. I hate the pressure to have fun New Year’s plans.

I hope you all have great plans. I’ll just live vicariously through you. We do get to have a bunch of old friends over for breakfast tomorrow. Bring on the friends and break out the cinnamon rolls!

Goodbye 2008. I liked you. Thank you.


Amy said...

Awesome! I sound like Marge Simpson's cousin. We must have the same cold and so does Jensen. We aren't going to a gala either. Just staying home and saying goodbye to 2008 all cozy at our house and then tomorrow heading to an old friend's house for lunch with other old friends. Happy New Year! Love you top 10 photos too!

Anonymous said...

The baby on the shelf and the baby in the green chair - irresistible!!