Monday, December 22, 2008

my momma's wedding

Ok. I'm back blog people. For some reason when I am insanely busy with work I get my posts in and now that things are slowing down, not so much. Not that this weekend was not busy! Saturday night my mom and Frank got hitched!

I kinda made them come over to the studio for a few photos before the ceremony so that all of their wedding photos weren't in the reception hall with a flash. Ya know what I mean?

My mom looked so beautiful. She tried on approximately 1,000 dresses before we found this one that just seemed perfect.

The ceremony was short and sweet and exactly what it needed to be and what they wanted it to be. Frank has a huge family and seems to know everyone in South St. Louis so this wedding was no small affair. The room was beautifully decorated for the holidays. The food was great. The music was great. It was perfect if you ask me.

Marlie walked down the isle like a champ. She is a pro by now. I think we are going to start advertising her services on Craigslist. She kinda left the ring bearer in her dust, but he just wasn't going for it and she is an independent little lady.

Here are Shane and Monkey Pants getting down on the dance floor.

And Shane tossing Monkey in the air. Notice the icing on her cheeks. She was pretty excited when she realized she could reach all of the cake plates set out on the table.

It was good times people. Good times.

Congratulations Mom and Frank! chocolate and Christmas light with Marlie's cousins and a little gift wrapping perhaps. Tomorrow I will post a sneek peak from Friday's maternity shoot and tell you about some other weekend happenings. Stay tuned. I know you are on the edge of your seat :).


fern said...

Oh, congratulations to your mom and her new husband!! They look fantastic -- I love her dress. And Marlie's! It looks like a really fun time.

Carolyn Burke said...

It was an honor to perform the wedding ceremony for your Mom and new Step-Dad. They are meant for each other. Many blessings....

Carolyn Burke
Wedding Celebrant