Thursday, December 4, 2008

get 'em while ya can!

Only one more week left to order name collages for Christmas! I can't beleive I am saying that already, but its true. With the time we need to create them and then the time it takes to ship them to you we have to stop taking orders soon. We'll stop taking orders next Thursday folks so if you want one get on over to here and order.

What to say? I'm not feeling especially bloggy today. I'm tired to tell you the truth. Miss Monkey Pants was up most of the night and I have no idea why. I took her to the doc today to see if she had an ear infection. Nope. Bad dreams maybe? Ug it was like a bad dream for us. Shane had a final last night and then crashed into bed exhausted. About 10 minutes later the screaming began. We tried and tried to get that kid back to bed and then finally put her in with us. She thrashed and smacked us all night and tried to jump off head first a few times. Oh my monkey.

So on that note. I am going to tell you a few fun things about her because despite the unpredictable sleepless night every once in a while, she is a pretty great kid.

- Latest nickname: Monkin (a hybrid between monkey and munchkin)

- New favorite word: No (said with her lips sticking out and shaking her head)

- Favorite pass time: Watching The Little Rascals movie. Not the old ones, the newer one. She is an Alfalfa addict I tell you.

- Best new trick: Giving out tons of kisses.

And she's up again. So much for a long afternoon nap. I gotta go. Maybe I'll get a kiss?

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Amy said...

I'm glad someone else calls their little cutie "monkin". Actually, Jensen is "pumpkin monkin". We need to get our monkins together to play after the holidays. And at least I'm not the only parent that has taken their kid to Dr. Finn after an unexplained night of no sleep.