Wednesday, December 10, 2008

checking in

We haven’t checked in with Bean and Nug in a quite a while and I think its time.

To tell you the truth these two haven’t been on many adventures lately. Mostly because Beth and I have been busy with the Christmas rush and if we do have any free time we try and ditch these two for a Bean and Nug free adventure of our own. They did go to Sam’s one day and sit in the front of the cart together. But of course I didn’t have my camera with me to document it.

Mista Nug is sitting up like a champ now so these two can finally sit face to face and play. This is a pretty bad pic of Bean, but this is the face she makes when she gets excited to see Nug. It is accompanied by lots of oooing and high pitched squeeking.

Now that Nug can sit up Bean has even better access to Nug’s face so she can shower him with kisses. Lets face it, these two are going to be swapping colds all winter long.

Here is Marlie showing Weston all of the cheerios he can't have.

And here is Mista Nug's “Please miss Erin, save me from another kiss attack” face.

Today. Uh what do I have to do today? We have a music/play/fun class for Marlie this morning and then after that its a blur. Actually I think that is a good thing because it means I don't have eighteen work things to accomplish today. Maybe I'll take a nap. I say that almost every day. But today it might actually happen.

Two finals down and only one more left before I get my husband back for a few weeks! I love Christmas break.

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becky said...

that is not a bad pic of marlie it is hilarious she looks so cute and stinkerish just like my kj! really funny