Tuesday, December 23, 2008


On Friday I had a maternity shoot with sweet Molly. We started out in the studio and played with the light a little.

Then we headed outside. It was really cold and Molly was a trooper. Nothin like makin a nine months pregnant woman stand out in the cold and wind.

I know I take a ton of photos in front of this doorway, but I can't help it. I love it. The pink brick. The silver doors. Love it.

Molly was due any second when I took these so for all I know she is a momma already! Is that baby boy still hangin out in there Molly?

So, my Christmas crazy business time is officially over. I kept thinking it was over and then it wasn't. Last week we had several name collage debacles. One broke in shipping and the customer needed it asap. Then on Saturday when I should have been getting ready for my mom's wedding I found out that one box containing two collages completely disappeared. Fedex has no record that it ever existed. Lovely. We scrambled to reorder letter photos and get them made and sent all over again. Then my elf threw out her back!

Sunday morning Beth called crying and said she couldn't move and she was home alone with Mr. Nug. I raced over there and found her laid out on the floor in tears. Nug lying next to her. She had been setting him down on the carpet and her back just seized up and she couldn't move. Awful. We have no idea why her back gave up on her. Too much collage assembling perhaps?! Anywho Beth is getting a little better each day but is still pretty uncomfortable so say a prayer for her if you think of it. My mom came and helped me with Monkey Pants so that I could put together the last of the Christmas collages and get them shipped or dropped off. So, its official. The Christmas crazyness is over! Its an adventure every year. No matter how much I plan things happen.

Today...More gift wrapping. Some hot cocoa. A night at home under a blanket.


Katie said...

Great shots, Erin! Tell Molly she's beautiful, and congrats!!!

Merry christmas!!

Amy said...

You can always call me in an emergency too! If I can I will rush on over - for you or Beth. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the preggo belly. Good shots!