Monday, December 29, 2008

Wedding anyone?

Do you know someone that got engaged over the holidays? Don't forget my offer...If you refer someone to me for wedding photography then you get a free photo shoot!

Check out this video that my talented friend Terri put together for me. She can do awesome things with your photos so you should really give her a ring. Watch the video and then tell your friends so you can get yourself a free shoot!

So, I'm back from a little Christmas r&r. Christmas was awesome in every way. Some day when I figure out how to get my videos on here I will post Monkey Pants opening up her Elmo doll. It was awesome. Then We went down to our family cabin and had a few days of just three of us doing nothing. Shane actually sat still for more than 10 minutes. It was amazing.

I always get the post Christmas blues so I am trying my best not to be down in the dumps and enjoy each day. Its just kinda sad when one day your Christmas tree is so great, the next day its like so yesterday. Shane is back at work but still home at night instead of at school and that is a big treat for us. So we'll be enjoying our evenings trying to make ourselves relax, trying not to get colds, and probably catching up on some projects around here.

Hope your holidays were wonderful. Its almost 2009! Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erin, Just keep breathing and everything will be okay. Is this the last semester of law school? Keep your eyes on the prize and try to enjoy even one little tiny moment from each day this semester! Linda