Sunday, December 7, 2008


We had a good weekend around here of relaxing mixed with some working, a lot of studying by Shane and even a girls night out for me with Beth. Now maybe I should clarify what I mean by girls night out. I don’t mean margaritas and laughing it to the wee hours of the morning. About a month ago I was talking to Beth and she said…

“We have got to get out and go to the mall sometime together because I have the BEST coupon for us to use. Buy one DOUBLE DOOZIE cookie and get the second one free.”

To which I replied “Heck yeah! I’m in.

So this coupon had been burnin a hole in Beth’s pocket for some time. When I asked where she wanted to go on Saturday night she said “I don’t care what we do except we must go to a mall so we can get our double doozies.”

This people, is why she is one of my best friends. Because she is a personal trainer and she writes me work outs but also provides me with double doozie coupons. Everything in moderation right? Now you must know that in order to get my cookie sandwich Beth made me promise to do one workout and one day of cardio this weekend. And I did. This is real and its me. Sometimes I need to think about cookies to make myself work out. So be it.

Our night involved shopping for a dress for me while eating our massive cookies. So it was a good thing I had my Spanx with me. It was just what I needed. Not the cookies or the Spanx, but the night out with a friend. Even if it did involve trying to squeeze me in to dresses in unflattering dressing room lighting while eating cookies. There was a lot of laughing and it was nice.

And it turns out maybe those cookies weren’t the best idea. As we were finishing up our shopping Beth was holding her stomach saying “Uh this was the worst idea ever.” She also said “If there is any mention of the word double doozie in your next blog post you are in big trouble.” So forgive me friend, but it was too good to pass up. I don’t have much material for posts these days.

Hope your weekend was a doozie.

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