Friday, January 2, 2009

hello '09

New year, new blog banner. It seemed fitting.

If I've learned one thing in the last few years it is that you just have no idea what the future holds. So, 2009 be nice OK? I know how I would like this year to go, but guess what, I'm not in control. So my goal this year is to roll with the punches, enjoy the ride, work hard but not be too hard on myself, and be thankful for it all.

One reason I like 2009 already is that Shane will be graduating from law school this spring! Back in 2005 when we signed up for this deal I would hear Shane tell people he would be done in spring 2009 and I would want to puke. It seemed like an eternity and here we are! One more semester. Unbelievable.

I started off the year yesterday by seeing some sweet friends for breakfast and then laying around in my jammies and letting Shane take care of me. I'm trying my darndest to get over this cold and I think its working. We have places to go and people to see this weekend. I still sound like Marge but I do feel pretty good. Here we go '09!

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Matt, Katie, and Sophia! said...

A couple of things, friend.
#1. I couldn't help but smile (a huge smile, at that) to see my baby girl on a shelf and her cute little toes on your new banner.

#2. Are you going to throw a huge ol' party for that hubby or yours when he graduates? You'll both deserve some celebrating, and I like a good party!!

#3. I was also pretty excited the other day to see that 2 of the pictures of my baby girl made it on your top 10 list. You're so talented and I'm glad you caught those shots of my little nugget.

#4. I hope you feel better soon!