Monday, January 5, 2009

a weekend in KC

Oh my word I hate being sick. I thought that I was getting over this dang cold and just when I got all cocky about it BAM. Sick as a dog. I had to cancel a shoot today and I hate that. However, this weekend when I thought was on the mend we managed to fit in a bunch of fun.

We went to Kansas City to see some people that we love. Remember Samuel? We felt that we needed to spend some more time with him, oh and his parents too :). Shane and Jimmy were college roommates and two of his other roommates and their families live in KC as well. Every winter we head on up there for some time with them.

Friday night we got some babysitters and ditched all the kiddos for a dinner with grownups. It was nice.

By the way, my friend Carmen is an artist too. She is a muralist and is amazing! If you need some muraly stuff done and you live in the Kansas City area check her out.

Saturday we took Monkey Pants and Samuel to one of those crazy kids places. Here she is in her first bouncy castle. She loved it!

And Jimmy and Shane with the kids on a slide. Too cute. See, I take blurry photos sometimes too.

Then Shane and I stole some time to go to our friend Allison’s wedding. I love this girl so I loved seeing her get hitched and all sappy in love. Congrats my friend!

Good times in KC. Thanks for having us Armstrongs! And a special shout out to my friend Amy who let us borrow her travel DVD player. Marlie was in heaven and it made our trip a breeze! You are a life saver.

Now I must put on my mom pants and try and convince myself not to curl up like a ball under the covers. Hopefully Marlie will understand the squeaks coming out of my mouth today instead of words. Isn’t winter fun?


Julia said...

Sometimes blurry photos are the best. I love the shot of the boys & the babes on the slide! It looks so fun! Feel better soon, Erin. :)

Amy said...

I am sorry that you are sick. That's the hardest time to be a mommy because you want to take care of yourself too. I'm glad you got to see your friends though and super glad that the DVD player did its job. I wish Monkey Joes here would let you slide with your kids but they won't let you anymore. Morgan & Jensen love that place.