Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blah. I don’t have too much to say peeps. I am STILL not feeling well. I have an annoying cough that just when I think is getting better grabs me and sends me in to an annoying fit where I can’t stop. I have sinus headaches every day and coughing makes me feel like my head might explode. And, just to add insult to injury, I now have hives. Sweet.

Also, Shane starts back to school tomorrow. While I am so excited to say that he is starting his LAST semester, I am also just bummed that I’m kinda on my own again. I’ve enjoyed having his company and let’s face it, his help these last few weeks. What I may not have mentioned about him is that he is a cleaning machine and loves to organize whereas I am a bit of a frazzled mess. Lets just say he asked for a labeler for Christmas. And now its back to cleaning up my own messes and Marlie’s too. Poop. The end is in site and I guess that is what I have to concentrate on.

Business is going and flowing. A few shoots here and there. A mural tomorrow. Some collage orders coming in. Now if I could just kick this cough and get a little spring in my step. I will. Give me a few days, but I will.

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becky said...

i know i've offered before and you've never taken me up on it but if you need to rest marlie is welcome to come and play.