Friday, January 16, 2009

goal #1

Let me just start by saying that in the last 3 months I have been asked 3 times if I am pregnant. And may I say that one of those times I WAS WEARING MY SPANX. And after each one of those times I wanted to excuse myself and crawl under a nearby rock FOREVER…and eat brownies under there. I knew that I had gained some weight but this put me over the edge. And really I don’t know if I can blame those people. I gain weight in my stomach first. If I eat a piece of cake I might as well just duct tape it to my stomach. So, I may just appear a little prego, but trust me I am not. So don’t ask me! Therefore, goal #1 is to lose 20 pounds.

Don’t worry, I have a plan. After I had Monkey Pants I did Weight Watchers and I lost 15 pounds. It really worked and I ended up smaller than I was before I got pregnant. What happened you ask? Well, I stopped nursing and also stopped caring about what I ate and boom, I’m back where I started.

For Christmas from my mom and Frank I asked for Weight Watchers. Not as fun as a new sweater, but it is what I needed. So this past week is my first week on the program and it went really well. Friday is weigh in day for me and today I went to my meeting. I lost 3.8 pounds this week and that is pretty awesome.

I like Weight Watchers. As long as I plan ahead and pay attention to what I am eating I feel pretty satisfied and I lose weight. It works on a point system so its easy to figure out. Is it fair that my particular meeting place is wedged between a Chinese restaurant and McDonalds? No, but I'll just have to plug my nose while I walk in.

I have gone back and forth on whether to talk about this goal/struggle on my blog because, well its just embarrassing and personal and I don’t like talking about it. But, I am trying to be transparent here. Also, I think that knowing I will be checking in on here about how it is going might help keep me on track. When I really want a brownie I might think of my blog and resist.

My goal is to make a lifetime member for Weight Watchers because I know my weight is going to fluctuate over the next few years. I do want to have more babies eventually after all. If you make your goal weight and make lifetime then you can go back for free when you need to. That is how I arrived at the number of 20. Every Friday after I weigh in I’ll pop in and tell you how its going.

Now for the fun part... I have set up some little rewards for myself along the way. When I lose 5 lbs, 10lbs, 13 lbs, 15lbs, 18lbs, and 20 lbs I will buy myself something to celebrate. Why not just every 5 lbs? Because that’s just 4 things and I think I need a little more encouragement than that. These rewards may include some of the fun things here from etsy and a few other places on this bulletin board.

There we have it. 3.8 lbs gone and 16.2 to go. Here's to Weight Watchers chocolate muffins. They are good.


Nicole said...

I admire your honesty and transparency! I think you look fantastic, you are so naturally beautiful. Congrats on a successful first week!

Hey I love that "Stay Calm and Keep On" poster. My co-worker counselor has that in her office. Where would you find one of those?

Anonymous said...

I know lots of people that have had great luck with WW. I'm sure you'll do awesome. Good luck - I look forward to reading about you making your goals!! :)

erin said...

Thanks for the encouragement Nicole and Kristal!

The "Stay Calm and Keep On" poster is from, of course :). The seller has it in all different colors. It is a remake of a WWII poster. Pretty cool I think.

lisa sweeney said...

ERin-I think you look great! Try getting pregnant again with 15 lbs still to lose from your 1st baby! opps. anyway, good luck with your goal-you are going to look hot this summer!

nathanartz said...

You will do great! I do admire your honesty. Awesome work on your first week. I love making goals, you have inspired me!
Katie Artz

Julia said...

Weight Watchers is such a great program--congrats on getting started and already seeing positive results! Let me know if you need to borrow any of their cookbooks--I've got a couple good ones that have some really great recipes. :)

Ada Moore said...

you are so funny! thanks for being honest, and saying all the things i think everyday! just had my 6mo (pregnancy) weigh drepressing. WW and i might become great friends after Mae gets here! you can do it, keep up the good work and i'll be thinking of you...

Sarah said...

I love ww. I did it two years ago and lost 60 pounds. I just rejoined online a few weeks ago. I too have 20 pounds till I reach my final goal.

Good luck, You can do it!