Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks 2009

I can't believe that another year has passed! Lots of great things happened this year. Shane finished law school and passed the bar, Monkey Pants got even cuter, I renamed and refocused my business, completed my new website, and lots of other great things. I set a few goals for myself last January so lets look at how that went!...

1) Lose 20 lbs. - I did accomplish this! Here is the thing though...keeping it off is the hardest part. I am back up a few pounds and working my way back down now. Still going to WW at least once a month. I'll get there. Ug, this weight struggle never goes away does it?

2) Shoot 6 weddings. - Blast.. only shot 5. Close! I do have 6 booked for 2010 though.

3) Go to a photography conference/workshop - Check! I went to Melissa Jill's MJ 2 Day workshop this past spring. It was in a word...awesome.

4) Take a weekend trip and be inspired. - Yep, did this one too. My friend Amy and I went on a barn hunting trip. It was inspiring and definitely a lot of fun.

There you have it. All in all I am very happy with how 2009 went. I feel like I accomplished some big things. I recognized what needed changing as far as my business/mom balance goes and worked to make it more doable, enjoyable, beneficial. I am very content with things at this point and that is a great place to be. Part of owning your own business is recognizing that it will be ever changing, growing, morphing and being OK with that. And I am.

I guess I should set some 2010 goals huh? I need some time to think about it so I'll come back to that. Tonight we are having dinner with some sweet friends in town from Germany and then playing scrabble with Shane's family. Sounds good to me.

Happy New Year!


Melissa Jill :) said...

Awesome Erin!! I just poked around your new site a bit. Well done! I'm so happy for you that you've made some strides and found some balance. That is HUGE. I love how you word your advice on your "style" page of your site -- "Wear your favorite jeans and a top you love. Let your kids wear their rain boots or tutus. Just show up as you. Because you look great that way. " Well said! Happy New Year!!

Beth said...

Way to go girl...I'm so proud of you! I love everything about this past year for you.

Janelle said...

Hey Erin,
I don't know if you remember me but it's Janelle Bradshaw from Kirksville.... well I was from Kirksville.... Anywho, just wanted to say I love reading your blog and you and Shane have one BEAUTIFUL little girl there!!! I'll see you in June at Allyson's wedding!!!