Monday, December 14, 2009

last day!

Today is the last day to order a name collage before Christmas! So head on over to the shop page on my website. These make great personalized gifts.

Its Monday again. This week is a full one. Full of editing photos, finishing up name collage orders, baking for Marlie's Christmas party at preschool, finishing Christmas shopping, a newborn shoot on Tuesday, and some fun Christmas crafts thrown in there perhaps. It sounds like a lot...and it is. But, I can do it. Especially with the help of my little elf Beth who does the bulk of the work for the name collages. I just had a visual image of Beth in an elf costume...pointy shoes and all. She is 8 months pregnant so it is extra funny to imagine. Oh she is gonna kill me for saying that. Love you Beth!

Marlie is at the tail end of a nasty cold and Shane is stuck right in the middle of it and that makes me very scared that I am next. Ug. Come on immune system, hang with me through the holidays.

Hope you have a good Monday!

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