Wednesday, December 23, 2009

consider yourself carded

Sorry for the lack of posts. Some sort of funk descended on the Duggin house and effected us each in a different way. We have been resting, hanging in our PJs, wrapping presents, and watching movies . I'm scared to even say it outloud....but it looks like we might actually all be well for Christmas. Three cheers for that!

We only sent out a handful of Christmas cards this year. It just gets so expensive. This year we sent them to out of town people we never get to see or won't see very soon (Ada and Deb!). Don't hate me. Come on...not on Christmas. it is. Consider yourself carded...

Card by the lovely Jen Hahn over at Naptime Studio of course. Photos by the very talented Jen Wiemer. While I'm plugging people make sure and check out the new peeps to the right over there. Russ at Art in Stereo and Amy at GerAmyUm, some creative friends of mine.

Anyways, I'm done with work until after Christmas, presents are wrapped, and today I have a Monkey Pants free day to get ready for tomorrow. We are hosting Christmas Eve this year for Shane's side of the family. I have a ton of cooking/cleaning to do to get ready for dinner for 14! I guess you could say we are having a Pioneer Woman Christmas this year. I am making her brisket and olive cheese bread from her new cookbook for tomorrow and her red velvet cake to take to mom's on Christmas day. I've tried several of her recipes and they don't disappoint so as long as I don't screw it up everything should be good!

Well, I must go. There is a giant hunk of meat in the fridge waiting for me.


Deb said...

No worries... I'll take seeing you over a Christmas card any day! Not to mention that my Christmas card/birth announcement is still only a figment of my imagination! Merry Christmas!

Hannah Edwards said...

Best of luck on your PW Christmas! I'm sure it'll turn out wonderfully :)

Amy R said...

I'll be okay. :) Funny, we are actually doing really late cards - not even Christmas cards - and we're using that design of Jen's. I hadn't even checked your blog until now. You have great taste. :)