Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bailey and fam

Back in the day I met Bailey Mohr my freshman year in college. We lost touch when I transfered schools and would run in to each other every once in a while. Then a few years ago we saw each other at a park. We both had cameras in hand and were doing family photo shoots. Neither of us knew that the other had become a photographer. Small world!

A few weeks ago I got to do a shoot with Bailey and her cute family (husband Tim and little girl Arie Alex). We met up at the old Lemp Brewery.

It was one of those blustery weird fall days when it started getting dark at 3:30. We were quickly running out of sunlight, but still managed to get lots of great shots.

Love these two shots ...

It was pretty chilly outside so we headed over to Foam to warm up a bit...

Check out Bailey's work at Beautiful Mess Photography.

Thanks guys! It was fun!

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Bailey Mohr said...

Thanks, Erin! We love that shot of us blurred out in the background watching Arie Alex shuffle her boots around. We used it for our Christmas card. Can't wait to shoot you this spring!