Tuesday, October 27, 2009

red boots

Sleep is a rare thing around here lately. If you have kids then you know that these little phases of sleeplessness are just part of the deal. I know its just another phase so I'm trying not to let it get me down. I am getting pretty worn out though folks.

Luckily Marlie is such a character that just when I want to loose it she does something hilarious that makes us laugh instead of cry. One night this weekend Marlie finally discovered that being in a big girl bed means that she can get out and walk around whenever she wants to. After about 5 trips upstairs to put her back in we hadn't heard her in a while and assumed she had finally fallen asleep. But then about midnight we heard her tinkering around up there. When Shane went up he found her at the top of the stairs in the dark wearing her red cowboy boots over her footie pajamas smiling at him "Help me dad. Its thtuck (stuck)." she said while holding one boot out.Oh man. That kid.

When you have a few nights of these sort of antics plus a few of her having a bad cold then you get one tired family. It was my turn to check on her last night and I ended up just crawling in bed with her. Its pretty hard to resist her you know. Every night she wakes up calling for us. When you go in she puts her little arms around your neck draws you in nose to nose with her and says "come on, you sleep in my bed me please?" Most nights I don't give in but she was coughing so much I couldn't resist.

Neither of us slept much with all of the coughing and kicking. I laid there wide awake at about 3:00 and felt like crying again and then Marlie put her nose to mine and said "snack me please mom? Halloween book me?" So I laughed instead.

Today we are being lazy and playing playdough, watching cartoons, and of course wearing boots over jammies. I love being a mom. Sleepless nights and all.


Sarah said...

I adore those boots!!! Enjoy your lazy day.

JenHahn said...

Hooray for RED BOOTS!

susie said...

Once again, you have left me with watering eyes. She is precious and I love her red boots. Go Marlie, go Erin & Shane - you are fantastic parents:)

Julia said...

Marlie is one cool kid--this coming from the girl who liked pairing red rain boots with my nightgown at 2 years old. :)