Thursday, October 8, 2009

little M

Last week little M came over to the studio for her first photo shoot.
Her grandma made this amazing basket just for her so we had to get a few shots with her snuggling up inside it.

There is just something I love about this shot. Such a sweet moment between mom and baby.

And was time for another nap.

Oh no. I think I need another baby now.

Today is a chilly, rainy, gray fall day and I kind of love it. I did not exactly love getting poured on this morning and running errands looking like a wet cat, but thats OK. Its a good day for scarves, and comfy clothes and snuggling with Monkey Pants. If she lets me that is. Plus Pam and Jim are finally getting married tonight. Sweet. I think I'll make some hot cocoa.


Dr. W. said...

Ann and Baby are absolutely beautiful!

Sarah said...

Oh what an angel!! Love the basket shots.