Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's true

Its true when people say that your kids grow up too fast. That you blink and they are all grown up. Its totally true.

It seems that during our vacation Marlie suddenly realized that Shane and I are not the coolest people on earth. In fact, we apparently are big dorks. She started saying "go away Dad" in the pool. I guess Shane was cramping her style. She didn't want the other kids to see him hangin around her floaty. Then one day when she was watching the Wiggles, Shane and I, overcome by their amazing musical talent, began busting out our best dance moves around the condo. She totally ignored us. Not even a smirk. To top it all off, in the car on the long drive home we were trying our hardest to stay awake. This is best done, as everyone knows, by singing loudly and flailing your arms along with "Back in the High Life," by Steve Winwood. Marlie was not amused and started yelling "No way guys! No buddies no! No singing buddies!" from her carseat. At least we are her buddies right?

Then last week she made the big move from her crib to a big girl bed. I can't even handle how cute she is all tucked in with Elmo at her side in her new bed. I'm not gonna lie, I teared up when we moved her crib out of her room.

Today was the last straw for me. It was Marlie's first day of pre-school. It looks in this photo like I had to drag her there, but she was actually really excited to go. This is just another example of how I am already embarrassing her. This is her "my mom is so lame with her camera out all the time" look. Oh that kid.

She had a blast at school and had no qualms with me leaving. I however had a hard time leaving her there. I know it will be good for both of us and its just a few hours a week, but as I walked back to our house I couldn't help but think about how fast she is growing up.

So, I am trying even harder to soak up each moment, each day that we have together. And I'm still going to dance, sing and take too many pictures. Some day she'll laugh about it. Even if its not today.


Jennifer said...

Big girl bed?!?! No way!!!

You and Shane are still cool parents. :)

Emily S. said...

seriously, I totally understand. We are SO procrastinating the bog kid bed for Noah as long as we can.

But that's some funny stuff-- her with her "my parents are LAME" antics... haha! :)