Sunday, August 23, 2009

what's cuter than...

What's cuter than Nug in the bathtub?

Bean and Nug in the bathtub that's what!

If you need some back story on Bean and Nug click here and here. They have had many adventures together friends. They are now at the age where they are starting to play together and fight over toys and conspire to take over the world or at least take over the house while they are here.

For instance last week while I was sweeping up mess #1 in the kitchen they put their heads together and decided to dump a bowl of cheerios all over the floor in the next room at which time Bean must have suggested that Nug crunch each and every cheerio one at a time with his little converse shoes, because that's what I found them doing when I walked in. Those stinkers.

Big news in Nug's household...Beth is pregnant! So come late winter we will have another little nugget around. Can't wait! It seems she tends to produce little chunks, so bring on the rolls!

This weekend I shot a wedding here in STL. It was a great day with a really fun couple. Sneak peek coming tomorrow! And now my bed is calling me.


Kristal said...

Such cute pictures. My mom has lots of pictures of my and my brother in the bathtub together at that age and they crack me up.

And I can't wait to see the pics from the wedding!!

Beth said...

Love these pics! Lord, PLEASE let me have another chunky nugget!