Sunday, September 7, 2008

A shower for Erin

This Saturday I had a wedding shower for my future sister in law. Her name is also Erin. With the help of my mom we turned the studio room and dining room into the perfect ladies tea room.

We rented some tables and chairs. Got flowers from the farmer’s market for centerpieces.

Made some food and ordered the rest and VOILA!

I think everyone had a great time and Erin got some great gifts. Isn’t she cute?

Then since we had all of these tables and chairs we figure we should do something else fun. So, we had people over to play trivia on Saturday night. I don’t have many photos of that because I was kinda crazy busy hosting and running the trivia game. Here are my friends Amy and Beth pretending like they are having the best time ever playing trivia when I realized I hadn’t gotten my camera out all night. Thanks for the effort girls. Amy is wearing her plastic $ bling necklace that she won. Beth will surely strangle me for posting this photo.

By today I was exhausted and apparently Marlie was too because we both took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. Aaah, heaven.

The weather is beautiful here. It feels like fall and that is my FAVORITE time of year. We took a walk around the neighborhood and the air was crisp. You could smell that people were having fires and the trees are just barely starting to turn. Tonight I got out my pumpkin scented candles to make it official. I know the calendar says fall is a few weeks off but it is in full swing here.


Sarah said...

Wow, your parties looked like great fun. Fall is in full swing here too. I alway count Sept. as fall anyway.

Amy said...

I am just now reading your blog again now that we have a new computer. I think our old one died the day after your party. I will comment on your other posting soon about believing in yourself because I think you are amazing. I love our funny picture from trivia night!