Monday, September 15, 2008

I heart nowhere

On Friday our friends got in town, we dropped Monkey Pants off at the in-laws and headed to Hermann, MO. We got to stay at this awesome cabin in the middle of nowhere. It was so cute. And refreshing. I love the middle of nowhere. Especially when you are there with good friends.

On Saturday morning we went to the race early to see the bikers getting ready. Here is George Hincapie, a favorite of the crowd. And Shane getting Mark Cavendish’s autograph. He won the stage that day. Shane claims it was due to the advice he was giving him when I took this photo.

Then we went and found a great place to watch part of the race. I love how Hincapie is looking up at us in the second photo. I guess we were cheering pretty loud.

After that we came back to STL for more fun with more old friends and to watch the end of the race here on Sunday. I ended up staying home with Marlie while she took a nap so I missed it. Just part of being a mom. But from what I hear it was awesome.

A Great weekend with great friends. Laura and Kevin, we love you guys. When I got home from the airport Marlie went running to your room looking for you. She was sad you were gone and I told her I was sad too.

Now its back to reality and back to work. I have a coffee table book to finish up, a shoot to edit, a newborn shoot on Wednesday that I am so excited about, a Monkey to wrangle and I feel a craft coming on. And I’m off like a dirty shirt!

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Sarah said...

Looks like a great time!!