Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have a sign that says this in my office. I am not a quote person really. I usually find them cheesy but when I saw this sign I had to have it. It summed up perfectly what I thought to myself when I started this business. Some days I have to look at it longer than others. Today I should have sat in front of it all day apparently.

I am feeling a little down about stuff. Sometimes this running your own business thing is really hard. And lately it has been extremely unnerving and frustrating. Several people have brought to my attention in the last few weeks that there is an out of state company making photo word collages similar to mine that is starting to sell signs in a lot of stores in St. Louis. And by a lot I mean like every freaking where I look. I know that I didn't invent the photo collage. I have seen them other places over the years. But this particular company is cropping up everywhere, and in the little towns where most of my customers live. And to this I say crap bag.

On top of this I feel like everyone is a photographer these days. And a good one at that. There are photographers everywhere. Some with similar styles as mine, some totally different. But there are a lot to choose from that is for sure. I want people to choose me. I want to stand out and be different and deliver work that keeps people coming back. And some days I feel confident that I am doing just that and then sometimes I don't.

What I would like to do is put on my comfiest PJs, buy a big box of chocolates, and curl up under my down comforter for like two days. But for one, Monkey Pants would be lonely, for two chocolate stains are hard to get out of sheets, and three it wouldn't help a dang thing. So, I will not mope. Ok maybe for a minute or two but then I will suck it up. I will believe in myself. I will surround myself with people that believe in me. I will work harder. I will think creatively and I will keep going. And you know what? The truth is I might fail. And the most important thing is that is OK. Because at least I'll never ask "what if".


ellisondrive said...

I hear ya, girlfriend. That is definitely my most favorite quote ever. I think you are great and so very, very brave for being your own boss and putting yourself out there everyday and an artist and owner. You are unique and caring and people can see that in you. I know I can! Jen

Nicole said...

I think you do amazing work! I am honored to have a name collage that YOU created on Braden's wall. I would choose to support a friend any day and twice on Sunday. I would bet you are creating work for your customers that will indeed bring them back again and again. Not everyone succeeds as a small business owner, and the fact that you are speaks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love your work, you rock! We have lots of pics you took for us on our walls and soon will have more when I get the CD and they look awesome! I love the name collage too, I wanted to steal the one we got Nathan's parents for Christmas one year, but Nathan said no, so I am asking for one from you this Christmas, I have the perfect spot for it. Anywho, just read your blog and wanted you to know that we love your art work.
Katie Artz

Matt, Katie, and our baby girl! said...

Hey girl! I showed your blog to my parents the other day when they asked what I was thinking for baby announcements. They were TOTALLY impressed!! I'm so excited to set up a time for you to take pics of Sophie! You are gifted beyond what you know and I LOVE your photography! Keep dreaming big, sister!

becky canatsey said...

if i've learned anything from listening to my mom talk about the trials of being self employed it is this...ready for some real wisdom ok here it is, "its really hard!" everyone that dares to do what they love and go out on a limb has down days so don't despair. you are unique b/c God has called you to your business so you know that He is fighting on your side. (which, unfortunatley won't always make it easier but it can give you that peace.) so go ahead and have a hard day, you are allowed, but than put your chin up high and keep on trudging through b/c you know that is where God has you.

momma's heart said...

I really think Becky is right. God has a plan. Usually he reveals only pieces of it, on a need-to-know basis. That is so very frustrating, but it's also what keeps our eyes on him. And that's just where he wants them. Trust him with your business, so that you can truly enjoy it. Maybe think of it as him being the CEO, and you the faithful worker.

Enjoy your friends!

Amy said...

Anyone who has worked with you knows how talented you are and yes, they are many gifted people out there. But it is working with YOU that is a gift to your clients. We get a great experience and beautiful pictures because of your personality and love for what you do. I think you are amazing and you should never give up. I've seen things you do that no one else does and I know there's more where that came from. :)

Lindsey Post said...

Erin, your work is excellent and you are one of a kind! Keep it up! I love looking at your photos on this blog. I can imagine how tough it must be some days, but you certainly have a gift. Good for you for daring to use it!