Monday, September 8, 2008

our visitor

So last night while I was writing my last post I heard some scratching in the ceiling. I called Shane in and he heard it too. We ran upstairs because we could tell that something was in the bathroom up there. We looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. We both shrugged and said we needed to pick up a mouse trap. Frustrating but not too surprising in an old house like this I guess.

About an hour later I had just finished up my post and was doing some emailing in the living room. As I was sitting there something flew in to the room swooping my head and flew out again. I screamed like a girl, because I am one after all, and ran over and shut the door to the room. At first glance I thought oh great there is a bird in here. And then I realized that is no bird, its a bat! At that point I almost wet my pants in fear.

Luckily I had my cell phone with me in the room. I called the house phone and Shane answered upstairs. I told him what was going on and he said he would come down. 5 second later I hear him screaming up there. When he opened the door to the loft the bat was flying around the coffee table. Thinking it was OK to come out since the bat was now upstairs, I opened my door. That dang thing came flying at me again and I slammed the door at the last second sending it smashing into the door.

As we tried to find the number for animal control it flew around the hallway keeping Shane and I stuck on separate floors. I didn't have my camera with me in the room unfortunately because one time I peaked out to see Shane coming down the stairway wielding a laundry basket in one hand and a curtain rod in the other only to run back up screaming.

Animal control finally came. The guy was like the bat whisperer. He came in and the bat didn't move an inch. He just scooped him up in a coffee can and that was it.
Never a dull moment.


Sarah said...

Well Halloween came early to your house. ;) I bet you could have has some funny pictures from your descriptions. What an exciting night.

Anonymous said...

Shane....a laundry basket and a curtain rod? Come on...

Great story - too bad there is not a picture of Shane the master bat catcher


Anonymous said...

way to protect your home, brave Duggins! I'm kind of glad there are no pictures because the ones in my mind are funny enough as it is...and I have audio. :)