Thursday, September 11, 2008

better than chocolate

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments blog readers. I neeed that. They were better than a box of chocolates. You know what else is better than chocolate? Old friends coming in town for a visit. My BFF Sarah is in from Colorado this week and I think I get to have some one on one time with her this evening. She gets me and I love that.

Also my old guiding friend Kevin is coming in from Texas tomorrow! Did you know I used to be a backpacking guide? Back before poopy diapers and sippy cups. It seems like another life time, but its true. When I was in college I spent two summers guiding backpacking trips for high school youth groups in Lake City, Colorado. Here is a really poor quality scanned photo of me and my pack which I named Oscar. I like to name inanimate objects. My cup was rose and I had a knife named Uncle Buck. I don't like knives by the way, you just need one for cooking on trail. You know what I mean? I'm weird huh?

It is the hardest most amazing thing I have ever done next to motherhood. The highs were high and the lows were low and I watched God work and use me in ways I can’t explain. Kevin was there with me both summers. We watched each other grow and change and we have remained good friends since. He is the funniest guy I know and is a faithful friend. Here we are back in the day leading trips together. That other guy is Jeremy our third guide on one trip.

Anyway, Kevin is married to a sweet girl name Laura and they are flying in for the weekend. He is in to biking as much as Shane is so they are coming in for the Tour of Missouri. We are headed to Herrman, MO tomorrow to stay the night and watch some of the race there and then we’ll head back here to watch the finish on Sunday. Fun times ahead. Hope you have a fun weekend!


Sarah Call said...

Hey Erin, reading your post today made me homesick for the Ranch. It does feel like another lifetime, doesn't it. I hope you have a great time with Kevin this weekend. Say hey for me! I miss the days of iodine water, alpine pasta, not showering for a week and carrying your entire life on your back....all while being surrounded by God's beautiful creation. Those were some good days.

Myra said...

the ladybug shirt.
oh i wish i still had that.
ee! ee!
love you ED.