Friday, September 26, 2008

good night Friday

Yes, it is Friday night and its almost midnight and I am blogging. But, I have a lot going on this weekend and there were some photos I wanted to post before I call it a night. It has been a long dang day. One of those days that was so busy that I just now realized I never showered. Nice. It wasn’t bad busy, just a full day. A day of phone calls and photography and Bubbles all over the floor (don’t ask) and putting together a wagon made of 8 million pieces. And now I am snug in my bed with my laptop looking at the photos from my shoot today. Meet little Lunden.

She was a perfect little subject today. She was sleepy and let us maneuver her around and even put her on the mantel.

Lunden’s mom seems to always be wearing a cool scarf so I told her to bring some with her for a photo. Love the colors here.

Congratulations Mike and Beth. She is so cute.

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becky canatsey said...

those are really cute. you are so creative with the babies. great job. hope you had a relaxing weekend.