Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sophia part deux

Little Sophie came over for a few more photos today. Her mom just had her heart set on some sleeping photos and she was wide eyed when she came over last week. I aim to please and I love taking new baby photos so we snuggled and bounced and rocked her until she was out like a light. And then...we put her up on a shelf. Hee Hee. I have been wanting to do this shot for a while now and Sophie was perfect.

Oh so tiny!


Jennifer said...

perfect! those are great!

Matt, Katie, and Sophia! said...

You're the best Erin! They are all amazing & we love them!!

ellisondrive said...

a d o r a b l e !


Crystal Mueller said...

I don't know you, but I am a friend of Katie Schaefers. I love the pictures you took of Sophia, both the sleeping ones and the other ones. I am due with my first child on February 20. I would love if you could do some like those for us come March! My email is: missnottke@yahoo.com