Friday, September 5, 2008

And the winner is...

Alright Monkey Pants isn't here today to do cute photos of her choosing the winner. Its just me in my jammies and those photos would not be cute. So, the winner is.... JULIE ELSTON!!! Congratulations Julie! Looking forward to a shoot with you and your cute fam. Thanks to everyone who entered. I love seeing who is reading this thing. The fall leaves shoot is full but I have a few slots left for the studio day so if you want a slot let me know!

Hey Thursday, I did not like you. You were rainy and you broke my printer and did some other junk. I want to pretend you didn't happen. And you Friday, you are so full that my stomach feels sick but I am going to take you on none the less!

Tomorrow I am hosting a bridal shower for my future sister in law. See the cute invites..

Here is the thing. By tomorrow at noon this place needs to be spic and span and smelling like roses and offering cookies, and right now it is a stinking mess. Seriously, it stinks. I need to take the diapers out.

Also, tomorrow night we are having friends over. I mean I kinda figured hey the house will already be clean so why not.

Monkey is spending the whole day with Gunnie and Papa so I can get my act together. I would love to sit here and have another cup of chai tea, but I guess I better get my big girl pants on and get to work!

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