Thursday, January 28, 2010

How I narrowly missed a head injury twice and other musings

Marlie’s eye is just dandy. She has another cold and is a crusty little mess, but her eye is fine. Does anyone else feel like their kid has a cold EVERY OTHER WEEK? For real, enough is enough. I am having one of those days where I feel like our whole house is covered in crumbs and boogers.

In other exciting news I managed to narrowly escape a head injury twice in two days. Yesterday I was putting something in the back of our car. Apparently when its really cold outside the compressed air thingy does not work because as I bent over the glass hatch came swinging down and smacked me right in the back of the head. Sweet. Is it weird that I was a little more worried about if any of my neighbors saw than if I was bleeding?

Today I was just gearing up to clean a little bit during Marlie’s nap. I reached up to put a cook book back in its place on top of our metal pot rack/shelf. It was the last straw for the pot rack. The entire thing pulled out of the wall dumping several pots and my huge wooden bowl on top of me. Somehow they missed my head and hit my knee. That's gonna leave a mark.

I must confess that I am a little afraid to touch anything. Apparently someone has boobie twapped my life. So here I sit blogging. I’ve been told before that my blog is too upbeat, sunny, not…real. So I guess these last two post are for all you people that think that. See…I have bad days…I cry in the grocery store…crap falls on my head.

But I can’t help it, I don’t like to complain all of the time because the truth is I am so blessed. I could wallow in all the bad, and some days I do. Luckily I can usually see all of the good instead. So lets end on a good note…

Last night I was finishing up cooking dinner, listening to some music, and waiting for Shane to come home. I hit the 90’s playlist on my ipod and Tom Petty’s “Learning to Fly” came on. Such a good song. I was dancing around and singing. Marlie came in the kitchen and started dancing too (remember she usually doesn’t let me dance). She was smiling so big and then she said “Hold me and dance.” So there we were dancing around the room together. It was one of those moments that I hope I always remember. I hope that whenever I hear that song I think of our dance.

So, there you have it. My house might be covered in crumbs and boogers, but we dance anyway. Happy Thursday people. Maybe tomorrow I will have some pretty photos to post! Wouldn’t that be nice?


Lisa Sweeney said...

Nice Erin-that IS a great song!! I love your blog-its just right in my opinion so don't change a thing, okay? Glad you were not seriously injured during those mishaps. Don't you love that huge messes happen when your kid is NAPPING? Last week a frozed diet coke exploded in my kitchen. Sooo the first 30 min. of my "break" was spent cleaning the entire kitchen. Gotta love it!

Sara D. said...

I agree, don't change anything about your is YOURS. And people need to realize that it is just a small piece of your life! This is kind of a hot button topic for me, because we should totally celebrate and cheer for the good, happy days that others have! Why wouldn't we? Keep your chin up, girl, you're doing awesome....

Anonymous said...

Your blog is fun! You have a great way w/ words. Keep it up:) I hope little M isn't too sick to play w/ A & H tomorrow...we are sposed to hang out. oh and got a way different story from bill on the parking garage story...he is too funny! emily

Leslie Fox said...

your words always bring a smile to my face. bet you didn't even know i read it. love seeing someone i knew in high school all grown up and a mom with a fabulous talent and job ... thanks for sharing the good, and even the lows, like crap falling on your head. btw - i so identify with caring more about whether or not someone saw me than if i was dying of a brain injury. anyway, blessings from sunny colo.

Beth said... forgot the great scene at the recycling place?!?!?!