Monday, January 25, 2010

big adbenture

It looked as though it was going to be such a relaxing day. We had a slow going morning at home, no definite plans laid out...

10:30 - we stop by Beth and Weston's to visit and drop off a few things
11:00 - Marlie suddenly stops playing and comes crying to me, holding her eye saying it hurts.
11:30 - She is still upset so we head home. I'm hoping it is just a little scratch and a nap will help.
11:45 - She says she wants to sleep and we lay down together for a nap.
12:50 - She wakes up screaming from her nap. I determine that this isn't just a bad nap wake up, her eye is really hurting.
1:00 - I call her doctor. They are closed from 1:00 - 2:00. Marlie is crying hysterically.
1:10 - We are headed to the local urgent care. Marlie is screaming and waving her head around with her eyes closed like Stevie Wonder. I am freaking out.
1:30 - Urgent care gets us in right away. The doctor attempts to look at Marlie's eye and says "I think she is going to be OK." He sends us off with a prescription for pain meds.
1:45 - We walk across the street and down the block to the grocery store to drop off the prescription. While we are waiting Marlie is still crying and her eye is red. I am beginning to doubt the diagnosis.
1:55 - I can't find my cell phone anywhere. I am holding Marlie and sweating and not feeling so good myself. I determine that I must have left it at Urgent Care. We get her meds.
2:00 - We get our coats back on and walk back to Urgent Care to get my phone.
2:10 - We walk to the parking garage to leave. I am thinking we need a second opinion about the eye because she is still crying.
2:12 - I drive up to the exit window and hand the lady my ticket. She tells me we are over the limit for free parking and I owe her $3. She tells me they only take cash. I have $0 in my wallet.
2:13 - She makes us back up and park and find an ATM. I am crying. Marlie is crying. We get out and walk back to the grocery store and get cash. The grocery store people think I am nuts.
2:20 - We are free from the parking garage. Marlie is still a mess and I decide we need to go to the ER.
2:50 - We meet my MIL at the ER. They get us in right away. Marlie is suddenly chipper and happy and I am feeling stupid for having brought her.
3:30 - I and 2 nurses hold Marlie down so they can put some dye in her eye. It is horrible. They determine it is in fact scratched and prescribe some antibiotics drops.
3:45 - Shane arrives just as all of the drama is over. Marlie perks up and is excited about stickers and Shane is wondering why the heck I brought this happy kid to the ER.
4:30 - We are all back home. Marlie's eye is watering but looks much better. I feel horrible and realize my cold is back with vengeance.
4:45 - I am sitting on the ground having a pitty party talking to Marlie...

me: Marlie I don't feel good, can I have a hug? We had quite the day didn't we?
M: Yeah mom, we had a big adbenture.

That's one way to put it Monkey Pants.


Katie said...

Oh erin!!!!! So sorry!

Amy R said...

We REALLY need to have a night out. Let me know when your cold is gone and we will have a Erin & Amy night. And I love your little girl - she is so precious. I wish we got to all hang out more.

Jen said...

Oh,Erin, that sounds like quite the day. I know it wasn't funny but the Stevie Wonder comment is still making me giggle. Hope tomorrow is better.

Beth said...

The fact that this story doesn't include a scene where YOU collapse and start kicking and screaming yourself means you are an A+ woman :)

JenHahn said...

Oh my goodness. I would have rammed through the parking lot gate. What an awful day! I'm so happy Marlie's eye will recover. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the joys of Mommyhood. Hope you both feel better tomorrow! Linda

Sara D. said...

So glad that you think P90X yoga was hard. I laughed quite a bit,thinking he wasn't actually asking me to bend in those positions. I'm pretty sure he detatched his head and reattached it to face backward at some point.

Sorry about M's eye! You know, days like those make the regular strong willed, tantrum filled, sassy days more manageable!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
Hope the week has been better.

Sarah said...

:( I hate pity parties, and I have been having them too often lately. Thank you for your words yesterday. I hope today is a GOOD day for you.

Katherine said...

I read this and literally went "Oh honey!" So sorry about the bad day. Hope the rest of the week is better, glad to hear Marlie's feeling better!
- Katherine