Monday, February 8, 2010

on being stranded and some shameless promoting of bands I like

Monkey Pants and I were a tad stranded today. We are down to one car since one is in the shop. I kinda wanted to just stay in my pajamas and watch cartoons all day to be honest. But, Marlie gets enough TV as it is so I knew that wasn't the best idea. I put my big girl pants on and made the best of it. We played with every toy twice I think. But in between we did some baking...

It was so fun. Marlie is finally old enough to really help and she loved it. Heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day of course...

And we even ventured outside. If you remember last year didn't go too well, so i was a little nervous.

I wondered if her new tricycle could handle snow did! I heart this tricycle. I want to hug whoever the genius is who thought to put on the optional handle for the parents. Its amazing. Its like a stroller on steroids. And Marlie loves it too. And when she hops off to walk a while (because she always does) I just push it along instead of having to carry a trike over my shoulder. Awesomeness.

We walked up to a new restaurant in the neighborhood for a little lunch date. It was just what we needed. Marlie is pretty easy to please. When she saw that she had drink with a straw her eyes lit up and she said "That's awesome!".

You know what else is awesome? (Good segue eh?) This band that Shane and I saw Friday night. That's right I took off my sweat pants and put on my tight jeans and stayed out past 10:00. It was a big night, and totally worth it. These guys are really good folks so check them out. Also, check out these guys. They are equally as awesome and are doing a Valentines Day show here in STL.

Good night blogees! Tomorrow you will meet Emma, the sweet newbie that came over on Saturday.

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Julia said...

Glad to see that grocery bags over Marlie's shoes are in the past. :)