Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My name is Erin...

and I am a recovering workaholic.

This past year my business grew. And I am so thankful for that. Do not misunderstand me, SO THANKFUL. But it has been a learning experience for sure. This spring and summer I way overbooked myself. I said yes to everything because it was so great to have so many shoots and then all of a sudden one day I looked at my calendar and instead of getting excited I got a little nauseous. Because how was I going to do it all, and raise Marlie and be a wife and do good work for my clients and not lose my mind? Not only not lose my mind, but ENJOY my life?

It was a good but hard lesson to learn. One day this spring I went on a walk with a very wise friend. After asking me what my work/life schedule was like. She looked at me and said “Um.. its time to get your life back.”

I knew it before she said it, but I needed to hear it from someone else I guess. I needed less late nights working. I needed more sleep. I needed a few less shoots a week. I needed a plan.

So since then I’ve put lots of different things in to action to find a little balance. A ton of stuff that I learned at the MJ 2day has been implemented. So glad I went to that workshop! My calendar is set so that I have a few less shoots a week. I even scheduled in a little vacation time and free time. It helps that Shane is around more to help me of course. My new website is finally up and running. Things are looking more balanced. It feels good.

I am sure I’ll have a slip up here and there. I am in recovery you see. There was a very late night a few weeks ago that I am not proud of. But for the most part I am doing well.

I started my own business 5 years ago. It has morphed and changed and grown over the years. I used to be at a place where I did everything and anything creative that came my way. I was always looking for a new idea or something bigger and better. I’m not saying it’s a necessarily a bad place to be, but its not for me, not now anyway.

What I’ve learned about myself is that when I give myself room to breathe, room to relax, and time to do some of the other things I love besides photography, then a few things happen… I am more happy, my family is better off, and get this … my photography is better.

So, I hope you all will hang with me through this little transition. Less shoots a month means a little less availability so if you are thinking about booking a shoot with me try and do it a little further ahead of time than you are used to. You can see my schedule here and see what dates are still open.

Thanks so much for all of the encouragement about the new website! I am really happy with it and so glad to have it finished.

September is here and this month is full of fun things for us. Lots of fun shoots on the horizon mixed with one weekend getaway for me and Shane and one long family vacation for the three of us. Plus it feels like fall already and that is my favorite time of year. Bring on the falling leaves and crisp air. Love it!


lisa sweeney said...

congrats on the new website erin-it look fantastic! love your new outlook as well:) enjoy your upcoming vacations w/ your family!!!

Emily S. said...

Erin, I can COMPLETELY identify with your "addiction" and "recovery". I could have written much of this post myself. I loved it. Loved reading that you are getting to a better, more balanced place.

And your new logo, btw? I ADORE it. Pretty much wish it was mine, now. :) Nice job, lady!

lisa sweeney said...

oh forgot to mention that I was SOOO excited to see brendan featured on your new website! Thank you-awesome!!!

Beth said...

Does this mean we get to plant mums in pumpkins and make more fabric flowers???!!!

Proud of you work hard at everything you do.