Friday, September 11, 2009

Denise and Bono

In July when little Charlie was on her way I wanted to order a new prop hat for her newborn shoot. I found a cute knit hat on Etsy, but it needed a little embellishment. I found an adorable pin on Etsy as well and after ordering found out that the artist lives right here in St. Louis. Small world. Check out Denise Lombardozzi's blog and etsy shop. She is so talented.

TGIF people. I don't know why but this week wore me down. I have been feeling the need to get away for a bit. To get outta town. This weekend I will get my wish. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Chicago for a little getaway with some good friends. Relaxing, exploring and maybe most importantly a U2 concert on Sunday night!

Don't get me wrong, I will miss my little Monkey Pants like crazy. She is so dang cute. But, I need a break and honestly I think she needs a break from me. She has been giving me the stink eye all week. I'm just like in her way all the time. So...Bono, I am coming!

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firstborn studio said...

denise & bono
gotta love that!
thanks erin
i love all you do!