Monday, September 14, 2009

Chi town

0 toddlers
1 big city
2 nights
6 good friends
360 degrees of U2

We had a great weekend in Chicago with friends. We ate great food, caught up on each others lives, laughed a lot, rode tandem bikes like true tourists and went to the best concert I have ever been to.

By some amazing miracle we ended up in the "inner circle" at the U2 concert last night. If you aren't a U2 fan then that doesn't mean much but what it really means is that we were about 20 feet from Bono except for when he came ever closer. UNREAL.

It was a great night to be alive and a bad night to decide to leave my camera at the hotel. I'll be kicking myself forever for that one. I was just too scared to take it. It gets a little rowdy ya know? Good thing my friend Jimmy is a good phone photog.

Good times. Thanks friends! And thank you Bono.


nathanartz said...

That was so fun! I cannot believe you were that close to Bono, he rocks. That concert was outrageous, I loved it! So great to see you two, what a fun weekend.

Armstrong's said...

I agree with Katie- super fun, great to hang out. Love that we made the blog! :)